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Hello, I'm

Hello, I'm David Spalding

Hi. I'm a writer with a particular interest in the natural sciences and their history; folklore and music; and the region of western Canada where I live. Born in the UK, my wife Andrea and I came to Canada in 1967. I spent 24 years in Alberta, and now live on Pender Island in British Columbia.

My careers have been in museums and heritage consulting, radio and television, storytelling and folk music, and informal education for children and adults.

I am a professional associate of the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan, and my radio programs have won international awards.

My interest in dinosaurs goes back to my childhood in Britain, when there were few exhibits or books available. I took a degree in geology and worked on fossils in several museums in the UK.

I was in charge of the natural history programs (including the dinosaur program) at the Provincial Museum of Alberta for 15 years. Here I was fortunate enough to work with some fine paleontologists and technicians, building up the collections and research information that made the Tyrrell museum possible. I spent a year planning what became the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Drumheller before turning to freelance work in interpretation planning and writing.

I have worked on other dinosaur as a Teacher's manual for Dinosaur Provincial Park and videos for its field station. I have visited many dinosaur sites in Canada and the United States, and during a 1995 tour of major sites in western United States I discovered a 40-million-year old trackway a large mammal in Utah.

  • Minister of Education Award, Japan
  • Best of the West Special Merit Award, for radio script, 1981

Contact David for more information at david@davidspalding.com.

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